Since 1987, BTE Performance Group has specialized in providing a comprehensive range of services for incentive planning, conference management and specialty events.

BTE's highly professional staff reflects many years of industry experience, including destination experience to six continents and more than seventy countries throughout
the world.

We continually strive to identify and develop new ways to be a greater asset to our clients. While some clients prefer our full-service support, others work with us on a project basis using one or more of our available services. BTE's team of creative professionals will work with you to design and execute an exclusive event, tailored to your every need.

How We Are Different
While each member of our team brings invaluable professional knowledge and creative skills to the table, our client programs are planned and managed by a single individual, providing a dedicated, focused point person for your event. Though BTE staff members contribute and provide valuable support services, this person has absolute responsibility for every aspect of your program including the creative design, planning, on-location management and post-program accounting.

This business approach ensures complete program continuity, and provides an unparalleled level of personalized client service. At BTE, we promise that you will feel like our only client.

You're The Boss
Our employees strive to do their jobs as if you were their boss because, essentially, you are. For us to be successful, your programs must be successful. Your objectives are our objectives. In short, we work for you.

We believe that a truly prosperous and productive relationship begins by committing our energy and resources to understanding your organization and its people; your corporate objectives; your products and services; and your competitive environment.

BTE stands ready to make this time and resource commitment. Armed with this knowledge, we can begin to apply our techniques to create, develop, plan and implement programs that meet and exceed your corporate objectives.

What Our Services Cost
Because BTE Performance Group offers customized services to our clients, projects often vary in size, duration, complexity and degree of involvement. As a result, we provide our clients with a detailed breakdown of the event - what it includes, BTE's responsibilities and applicable program fees.

As a provider of consulting and management services, our success is contingent upon the success of our clients' projects. We work diligently to maximize every dollar, and our attention to detail, planning knowledge and negotiating experience frequently result in client savings far exceeding our rates.